Car Body Removal

Hassle Free Car Body Removal

Having a vehicle is only useful if it is in good working condition. If you have a vehicle in your possession that is more trouble than it is worth, it is time to think about car body removal from Total Towing.

Our expert operators can deal with tows in a wide range of situations, so vehicle body removal is no problem. At Total Towing, we are always proud of our affordable rates, but when it comes to body removal, we are proud to offer even more than that. In fact, when you turn to us for your removal needs, we will often complete the task free of charge and in some cases, we even pay up to $500 to the owner depending on the type and condition of the vehicle in question.

With all this to gain, there is no reason to keep that battered old vehicle in your possession any longer. Be sure to call the dedicated team at Total Towing and turn your piece of trash into cold, hard cash.